"We Are One"    

Released June 2022  Album #7        

Celebrates 20 years of Mojomama

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Take a journey through the heart and soul of Mojomama .  
"We Are One" is the result of the cultural realities of the past four years . 
Uninhibited, and honest, twelve original songs wear their hearts on their sleeve . 
The music tells stories of Hope, Angst, Sorrow, Bliss, Forgiveness and Love.  
We Are One is comprised of Mojomama’s signature sound that blends blues, rock and funk with hints of gospel,  
Latin rock, soul and in your face rock n roll .  
The energetic rhythm ,soaring vocals, thumping bass lines, and screaming guitars of We Are One beckons the past and echoes into the future . 
In retrospect, some songs were written before our world changed, pre pandemic,  
then the events that we witnessed sitting at home wondering if we would ever Grace the stage again.  
Now that the engine has started to hum again at a fever pitch, we hope you crank it up and soak it all in !


We Are One


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We Are One

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"Red White and Blues" 2018

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A Denver outfit spearheaded by Jessica Rogalski’s impressive set of pipes that can parallel the greatness achieved by Aretha Franklin or Donna Summer, Mojomama recruit blues, funk and plenty of retro rhythm in this impressive album.

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