From the recording We Are One


Be your own savior
Living ain’t easy, sometimes ya gotta look away
From all those eyes on you , don’t you worry what they say
Words cut like a knife they’ll split ya right in two
Get right down to your core baby find the real you
Be your own savior , Be your own savior, Can you be your own Savior? cause no body else gonna help ya through

You see this whole worlds gone crazy ,too many struggles in the way
You got to choose your battles wisely, Lord, I hope they go your way
Cause precious life can pass you by , so while your reaching for the top
Don’t ya let nobody tell ya different darling
Just give ‘em everything ya got

Be your own savior, be you’re own savior, Can you be your own savior because nobody else gonna help ya through
Tell me can you be , can you be your own savior?