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Welcome to the Mojomama tribe! 

Get ready to blast off in 2024, as the band brings you a sonic adventure that'll make your spirit dance and your soul sing. Their tunes are a cosmic blend of legends like Aretha Franklin and Susan Tedeschi, mixed with a dash of Steely Dan magic, and wrapped up in a funky feel just for you.

 Mojomama's been stirring up the scene, taking home awards and accolades along the way. They represented the Colorado Blues Society as semi-finalists in the 2018 and 2019 International Blues Challenges, and they even snagged the "best self-produced CD" and "favorite female vocalist" awards in 2015 and 2018! 

Now, let's talk about the band behind the jams. Jessica Rogalski leads the charge with her soul-stirring vocals that'll have you feeling like you're in both the future and the past, with echoes of Donna Summer and Susan Tedeschi. Bob Murnahan shreds the guitar with mind-bending solos and a seemingly endless supply of far-out musical ideas. The jams keep flowing with Paul Rogalski, laying down some righteous bass lines and tasty solos, while Kort Gilbert holds down the fort with solid beats, groovy fills, and a laser-focused dedication to the music. 

Together, Mojomama creates a show that'll take you on a journey through space and time, leaving you dancing under the stars and humming their unforgettable tunes for light years to come. So, hop aboard the Mojomama mothership for a funky fresh, blues-infused adventure through the cosmos. In 2024, these jam masters are bringing the best of rhythm, blues, and funk straight to your third eye!


Owners of Mojo's Music Academy

Paul and Jessica's Day Gig

During the weekdays you can find Paul and Jessica at their music lesson studio in Longmont. They have been in Business since 2007 and offer private lessons and summer camps for all instruments.

Visit them at Mojo's Music Academy