We are one reviewed by Guitar One

First Review Of "We Are One" by RADIO GUITAR ONE

Mojomama’s latest effort We Are One is a clear progression from their last album. The seamless blend of Rock, Blues, Soul, and uncompromising groove makes for a great listen. Self-described as “a result of our cultural realities of the past four years” the band puts it all on display this new record. The album shifts genres and styles across it's entirety, pulling from the undeniable strengths of each of it's members. It’s an album full of musical influences, woven together to produce a roller coaster ride through thirteen tracks. Great vocals, powerful guitar solos, funky bass lines, and clean pocket drumming makes me hope the band finds a well deserved large audience. 

The album opens up with the title track and first single, "We Are One" which starts with a shuffle back beat and catchy slap bass line, reminiscent of Toto’s “Rosanna”. It is clear when lead singer Jessica Rogalski comes in why she has received the accolades she has, considering she has won “Favorite Female Vocalist” for 2015 and 2018 from the Colorado Blues Society.

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