Cd Review from the Netherlands

Mojomama is a band that is already popular in Colorado.

After listening to the album I understand why.

Mojomama makes music that is reminiscent of the music of

Susan Tedeschi but sometimes also reminds of Aretha Franklin. The music is…


New Release

Mojomama Releases a new original cd, 11 songs of Blues funk and reggae styles.

The Colorado Blues Society awarded this Best Self Produced Cd for 2015.

The cd was sent to Memphis for the International Blues Competition representing Colorado.



Susan Tedeschi Invites Jessica to Sing

Labor day Weekend 9/6/2009 Paul and Jessica went to Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie Wyoming. Tons of great bands and Paul's old friend from Massachusetts, Susan Tedeschi. We get a chance to hangout and with Susan and she invites…