MOJOMAMA Contemporary Blues

Looking Forward to this Show on January 11th 2019

Last shows of 2018 This Weekend


This weekend brings 2018 to a close for Mojomama.

We have a show tonight Friday December 14 at Bonaquisti Wine Company in Denver at 6:30pm

Then Tomorrow at Bootstrap Brewing  in Longmont at 6pm

Come party with us and spread some Holiday Cheer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Getting Ready for Memphis


Mojomama is getting their performance skills firing on all cylinders as Memphis approaches in 2019.

We will be representing the Colorado Blues Society at the International Blues challenge on Beale st.

Last year we made it to the Semi Finals,this year we are taking our show up a notch and trying to get to the Orpheum Theater.

RELIX Magazine ads MOJOMAMA to CD Sampler


Mojomama has a song on the Relix Magazine Cd Sampler for 6 weeks.

The song Sing you the blues is featured for listeners and subscribers to the mag around the globe.

New Cd Now Available


If you didn't hear the news,,, Our new cd is out Red White and Blues

9 tracks of Blues Funk and Rock a couple special guests on a few tracks.

Get your copy online at CDBaby or iTunes or Amazon

Mojomama Wins Colorado Blues Challenge


MOJOMAMA will head to Memphis in January of 2019 to represent the Colorado Blues Society in the International Blues Challenge for the second time.

They went in 2018 and got enough of a taste to want to try again.

This round will be even better as they know the ropes a bit and will have a knew album to promote.

Mojomama LIVE on the radio

Mojomama Semi Finalists at International Blues Challenge


We are very happy with our first visit to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge.

We played our hearts out for 2 nights with 120 other bands and we made it to the Semifinals for a 3rd night which came down to 44 bands.

It was so much fun to watch the crowds get bigger each night for our performances and everyone in the band rose to the occasion.

We shook hands with numerous musicians and industry personnel and ate lots of ribs and tasty Memphis cuisine,stayed out late and listened to amazing musicians from around the world.

Thankyou Colorado Blues Society for all of your support,we'd do it again in a second.


Memphis Bound


Mojomama heads to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge representing the Colorado Blues Society

We are going to play our style of Funked up Blues and hope Memphis will Love us for who we are!!!!

Member's Choice Awards


Jessica wins Favorite Female Vocalist Award from Colorado Blues Society for 2015 and 2017

Marquee Magazine CD Review


Mojomama has always been heavy on the funk side of things, but for their newest album, the Longmont-based group seems much more directed at a Tedeschi-Trucks flavor.

Mojomama wins IBC


Mojomama wins the International Blues Challenge and will represent the Colorado Blues Society in Memphis TN in 2018.


New CD Review

By Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © September 2016
"Mojomama", the CD, is the third and self titled release from Mojomama, the band.  In 2015, the CD was presented the prestigious "Best Self Produced CD" award by the Colorado Blues Society.  The disc contains eleven all original tracks with a mix of songs influenced by blues, funk, rock and reggae. 
Mojomama consists of Jessica Rogalski on vocals, husband Paul Rogalski on bass, Bob Murnahan on guitars and Paul Christiansen on drums.  
Additionally, three very special guests on the project include Janiva Magness on vocals, Anne Harris on violin and Tim Davis on keys.
Musically, "Eternityis a most interesting track.  Adding Ann Harris' skillful violin playing to the very cool reggae vibe the rhythm section has going on, makes the song take on quite a captivating sound.  For lack of a better word I guess exotic might be the best way to describe this one.     
Before you're halfway through "Tell It Like it Is" you'll be singing along with the chorus line as I'm doing right now....."You've got to tell it, tell it like it is".....
This one's a fun, catchy, pop style, top 40, sing-a-long that's all Jessica.  It's easy to tell that she's having as great a time singing the lead and three part harmony vocals as I'm having listening to and singing along with her.  Good stuff.           
"Be A Legend" is a song about creating the legacy you'll one day leave behind.  Not only does it make reference to many musical legends but it includes one singing on it as well.  Just as Jessica starts singing about some legendary blues artists, the legendary Janiva Magness joins in and the powerful duo - who each make several switches from lead to backup - turn the song into a vocal smoker.  Although the ladies stole the show on this one, the band's doing a heck of a job driving them on.
"Liberation" rocks.  The Pauls - that's Paul R. on the bass and Paul C. on the drums - are fueling the pace with some fiercely funky rhythm; Bob's goin' off on some smokin' guitar riffs and Jessica's in the thick of it all with some killer lead and back up vocals.  Great one for dancing.    
The disc closes with "Night After Night" and when you do slow blues this good, and you do it for seven minutes, you know you've made me a very happy listener.  Not only is it the disc's best song but Jessica and Bob are at disc's best on it as well.  From her very soft moans and murmurs to the very gruff and powerful crescendos - and everything in between - Jessica's intensely emotional and soulful vocals are absolutely flawless.  Talk about belting out the blues, Whoa!  Then there's the two and a half minute guitar solo that had me shaking my head in awe.  Bob did on his guitar everything that Jess did with her voice.  From his slow and very soft notes and chords to his blistering blues guitar licks and back, the man is absolutely masterful.  Of course, keeping it all together behind them, Paul R., Paul C. and Tim have the perfect rhythm groove going on.  Monster track!     
Other tracks on "Mojomama" include: "Lying In The Dark", "Dig Deeper", "Fool For Your Love", "Forbidden Love", "Complicated Melody" and "Love Hangover".

Cd Review from the Netherlands


Mojomama is a band that is already popular in Colorado.

After listening to the album I understand why.

Mojomama makes music that is reminiscent of the music of

Susan Tedeschi but sometimes also reminds of Aretha Franklin. The music is perhaps best described as a combination of Rock, Funk and Soul. The good thing is that 

it sounds like its own and the band has its own sound.

Read More Here:

New Release


Mojomama Releases a new original cd, 11 songs of Blues funk and reggae styles.

The Colorado Blues Society awarded this Best Self Produced Cd for 2015.

The cd was sent to Memphis for the International Blues Competition representing Colorado.

Get your copy today on our Buy Music Page.

Susan Tedeschi Invites Jessica to Sing


Labor day Weekend 9/6/2009 Paul and Jessica went to Snowy Range Music Festival in Laramie Wyoming. Tons of great bands and Paul's old friend from Massachusetts, Susan Tedeschi. We get a chance to hangout and with Susan and she invites Jess to come up and sing Angel from Montgomery. We feel blessed and very thankful for such an amazing opportunity.

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